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  • Marbury v Madison

     With one ruling, Marshall both raised the stature of the Supreme Court and established the precedent known as judicial review, which gives the Supreme Court the ability to determine the constitutionality of acts of Congress and the President.
  • Compromise at the Constitutional Convention

    It is relatively common for Americans to view the Constitution as sacrosanct and immutable. Few Americans seem to realize that the document they r...
  • George Washington: The Reluctant President

    As the delegates discussed the role of the Executive, they began brainstorming what they imagined the office should be like. They agreed that the person to hold the office should be a person of integrity who had the respect of the people. Gradually, as they discussed this abstract Executive, whom they soon agreed should be called President, it dawned on them that they were, in fact, describing someone who already sat among them—George Washington.
  • An American Rebellion

    It is perhaps the most American of issues: how does a republic balance the power of government power with the liberty of its citizens?
  • Emergence of the Republican Party

    The Kansas-Nebraska Act led to a regional political realignment that gave rise to the Republican Party and was arguably the most consequential event leading to the Civil War.
  • Origins of the Electoral College

    One of the most vexing aspects of America's democratic process is the electoral college. Even before the contentious election of 2020, presidential...
  • The Burning of Washington, DC

    In the aftermath of the recent mob assault on the US Capitol, much was made of the fact that the failed insurrection was only the second time in m...
  • Citizen Soldiers and The Revolution

    One of the most cherished images from early American history is that of the citizen soldier—the stalwart patriot ready to defend the colonies from...
  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall

    The phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” has been invoked countless times in United States history. Often shortened to simply “United We Stand...
  • A Brief History of the Gadsden Flag

    In the patriotic fervor that swept the colonies during the American Revolution, several flags and emblems were designed to express the colonists’ g...
  • Teddy Roosevelt and the Big Stick

    It’s difficult now to imagine a time when the United States was not the world’s most significant power, but in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it w...