About Us

We are a US-based, veteran-owned small business specializing in patriotic apparel and art. We create to inspire others and to show off our pride for the country we’ve been honored to serve.

Truth. Justice. Freedom.

Those words mean something different to everyone. But here in the USA, we know what it’s like to value personal freedom and the belief that every single citizen is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our goal is to celebrate the lives this country allows us to lead in honor of those who have sacrificed so much for our comfort and safety.

That’s why our designs celebrate the history, ideals, and heritage of the United States of America. We choose subject matter that presents essential figures and events from our nation’s history in unique and exciting ways.


The search for truth is always a challenging one, but we believe in its importance without reservation. The truth will always prevail over lies and secrecy. Our country prides itself on digging deep to find the real truth of every matter. At Steadfast Patriot, we create to inspire others to seek out the truth and to promote it among all other Americans.


Justice may look different depending on who you ask. Still, we see it as ensuring that people are treated equally and given the opportunity to be rewarded for good and punished for evil. The US has many laws to protect its citizens from others and to recognize the heroic acts that the brave do to further that justice.


We believe the freedom to choose how to live is essential. America guarantees that every person is self-determinate and should be given all of the options to pick from. That freedom isn’t given by a single person but by the United States of America as a whole. Freedom comes with responsibilities, one of which is to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy those freedoms.

It gives us the ability to stand up for others, to advocate for their (and our) continued freedoms. Without freedom, we lose the quality that makes us all equally human. To live in a country that recognizes this core aspect of humanity is a privilege and should be celebrated.


We are proud of the USA – And that’s why all of our products are finished right here in America. From the design to the printing, every part of our process is proudly done here in our great country. All apparel is printed on-demand on blanks which are dyed and cut in the United States, but may be assembled elsewhere. We always do our best to find US-sourced materials, but the reality of the marketplace simply doesn't allow this in every instance. We are proud to support our country in any way we can.

Truth. Justice. Freedom.

… It’s What We Do at The Steadfast Patriot.