About Us

Discover Your Patriotism: Embrace the Spirit of America with The Steadfast Patriot


At The Steadfast Patriot, we are a US-based, veteran-owned  small business with a passion for celebrating the spirit of America. Our mission is to create patriotic apparel and art that ignites pride in our country and honors the sacrifices made by those who have served it.

Freedom. Justice. Truth.

These values define the essence of the American spirit. At The Steadfast Patriot, our designs pay tribute to the history, ideals, and rich heritage of the United States, showcasing inspiring figures and momentous events from our nation's past in unique and captivating ways.


In our pursuit of truth, we strive to create products that inspire others to seek out and champion truth within their own lives. At The Steadfast Patriot, we believe that truth will always triumph over lies and secrecy. Our designs serve as a reminder of the importance of truth and the tireless pursuit of it in every aspect of our lives.


We recognize that justice takes many forms, but at its core, it means treating people fairly and equitably. Our designs honor the heroes who work to ensure justice in our society, and the laws that protect the rights and freedoms of every American citizen.


We celebrate the freedom to choose our own paths and the right to determine our own lives. The Steadfast Patriot is dedicated to empowering individuals with a sense of freedom and responsibility, advocating for the rights of all to enjoy the liberties that define the American way of life.

A Proudly American Process

Our commitment to America extends to our production process, with every aspect of our business proudly carried out in the United States. From design to printing, we prioritize using US-sourced materials whenever possible. While some of our blanks may be dyed, cut, or assembled elsewhere, our dedication to supporting American businesses remains unwavering.